Fossili: display cases

Over the last year, Divel Italia has taken on the green philosophy to an incredible degree. With the help of smart, dynamic experts, our studies of lens recycling and reuse have led to applications in packaging, interior design, and even exhibition furnishings!

Following research into lens waste conducted at the University of Palermo, designers Federica Ditta and Cristiano Pesca turned their attention to the various potential uses for this waste.

Fos­sili: dis­play cas­es

Fol­low­ing re­search into lens waste con­duct­ed at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Paler­mo, de­sign­ers Fed­er­i­ca Dit­ta and Cris­tiano Pesca turned their at­ten­tion to the var­i­ous po­ten­tial uses for this waste.

They looked at both re­ject­ed lens­es that failed to pass qual­i­ty test­ing and ex­cess ma­te­r­i­al left over af­ter shap­ing the lens­es.

Fos­sili: dis­play cas­es

Over the last year, Di­v­el Italia has tak­en on the green phi­los­o­phy to an in­cred­i­ble de­gree. With the help of smart, dy­nam­ic ex­perts, our stud­ies of lens re­cy­cling and reuse have led to ap­pli­ca­tions in pack­ag­ing, in­te­ri­or de­sign, and even ex­hi­bi­tion fur­nish­ings!

With­in Di­v­el’s MIDO 2020 stand, we will have two dis­play pedestals de­signed by Fed­er­i­ca Dit­ta and Cris­tiano Pesca.

The key fea­ture of these pedestals is that they, too, make use of re­claimed lens waste!

De­signed to sup­port dis­play cas­es in ex­hi­bi­tion spaces, our ECO-EXPO pedestal is made from a sheet of car­bon steel and an epoxy-resin pan­el with lens frag­ments.

The dis­play pedestal may be used on its own or arranged with oth­ers, back to back or at right an­gles, so as to play with emp­ty space and cre­ate con­trast be­tween trans­par­ent and opaque.

The epoxy-resin pan­els may be rec­tan­gu­lar, ribbed or un­du­lat­ed in re­la­tion to the pan­el used for the mold.

The epoxy pan­el may be dis­as­sem­bled for trans­port, and the steel sheets and epoxy pan­els may be stacked to min­i­mize space re­quire­ments.

When po­si­tioned near a light source, the pan­el with the re­claimed lens­es can cre­ate vi­su­al ef­fects on the floor.

The dis­play pedestals will be used to sup­port glass dis­play cas­es in or­der to pre­sent a num­ber of Di­v­el Green Line pro­jects at our MIDO 2020 stand.

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