How to care for your glasses

It’s essential to take good care of your glasses and, above all, to keep your lenses clean and scratch-free, so that you can see clearly and minimize eye strain.

It’s essential to take good care of your glasses

Glass­es are an in­dis­pens­able ac­ces­so­ry for any­one with vi­sion prob­lems.

It’s es­sen­tial to take good care of your glass­es and, above all, to keep your lens­es clean and scratch-free, so that you can see clear­ly and min­i­mize eye strain.

There are a few good habits we can adopt so that we don’t dam­age our lens­es and to avoid wors­en­ing our vi­sion.

When our glass­es are prop­er­ly cen­tered and straight, for ex­am­ple, we know we’re get­ting the best sup­port for our vi­sion and that our lens­es and frames will last a long time.

  • Hold your glass­es by the tem­ples with both hands, not just one, to avoid weak­en­ing the hinges.
  • Avoid push­ing them up your nose so as not to dam­age the frame fin­ish or nose pads.
  • Al­ways clean your lens­es with a prop­er cloth. (You can get mi­crofiber wipes from your op­ti­cian or at your lo­cal phar­ma­cy or su­per­mar­ket.) You may use wa­ter and soap or a del­i­cate clean­ing so­lu­tion. We do not rec­om­mend us­ing your clothes to clean your lens­es be­cause they may not be com­plete­ly clean and could leave scratch­es on the lens that could blur your vi­sion. Nev­er use pa­per tis­sues!

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  • Do not use eye­wear re­tain­ers to hang your glass­es around your neck. These are not very safe, and your glass­es can come into con­tact with just about any­thing.
  • Do not leave your glass­es on top of our head. They can fall and get dam­aged or mis­shapen.
  • Have your glass­es ad­just­ed once or twice a year. We rec­om­mend vis­it­ing your op­ti­cian fre­quent­ly to check wear and tear and to ad­just the hinge screws. An ex­tra vis­it could ex­tend the life of your glass­es!

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  • Take off your glass­es be­fore us­ing hair­spray, per­fume or cologne. The al­co­hol con­tent could harm the lens­es and the frames.
  • Al­ways store your eye­wear in a hard-shell case.

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In short, the things you should nev­er, ever go with­out if you wear glass­es are: a mi­crofiber cloth, a clean­ing so­lu­tion, a hard-shell case and, of course, a good op­ti­cian you can trust!