The latest generation lens, that’s ideal for everyone tending to have excellent vision in all areas of the progressive lens.

How does the lens technology CHIARA operate?

This new technology allows to combine complex curves on both surfaces of the lens, in order to give to the user the best optical correction and an optimal view.

The combination of the different curves on the front of the lens with the digital design of the inner face, generates new progressive lens CHIARA, guaranteeing clear vision in every area of the usable surface of the lens.

The advantage of the variable curves on both surfaces of the lens is the possibility to calculate the design of CHIARA on individual parameters of the wearer, so making a lens totally customized.

The path of light rays and their focusing are optimized not only at the center of the lens but also in peripheral areas, eliminating the annoying sensations of vertigo and fogging.

Digital Technology

Total Customization

Balanced for Far and Near vision

Multi corridor

Variable inset