This Privacy Policy wants to inform the User about use of sites owned by DIVEL ITALIA Spa Unipersonale, with registered office at Via Verde 5/A 40012 Calderara di Reno (Bologna), hereinafter abbreviated simply DIVEL ITALIA.

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The following Privacy Policy is valid in all its parts to all the sites listed above and any subdomains. Some of these sites may contain links, that is hyperlinks to other sites for information. DIVEL ITALIA can’t guarantee for any related issues to sites owned by others and not own. We therefore recommend User to take all necessary precautions. DIVEL ITALIA not accepts responsibility for any direct or indirect damage due to access to other websites, not owned, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences.

This Privacy Policy is valid until a new one.
DIVEL ITALIA reserves the right to change from time to time and without notice this Policy. For this reason, we recommend to view the contents of this Policy regularly.

DIVEL ITALIA reserves the right to change, suspend or delete sites in every moment and without any notice.


All sites of DIVEL ITALIA are made by or for DIVEL ITALIA.
User that
Users who access must ensure that they do in conformity with current laws applicable in the different countries from which they connect.


During the visit of our sites is possible that are requested the User data, including personal data.
For DIVEL ITALIA manage this data, in accordance with current regulations, it’s very important and we do it very seriously in order to protect the user.

Generally, this data are acquired for improve quality of our sites or to have a relationship with User. DIVEL ITALIA not sells informations, not give others these info without the authorization of the User.

During browsing on DIVEL ITALIA’s sites is possible that some information are collected with “cookies”. Cookies are files of data, frequently with an anonymous identification code, that are send from server to User browser and therefore are memorized on the hard disk of User. If you want to know the information collected with Cookies, read the following paragraph Cookie Policy.
The responsible of treatment of data is DIVEL ITALIA S.p.a. Unipersonale, registered office in Via Verde 5/A 40012 Calderara di Reno (BO).
According to the Art.7 of D.L. 196/2003 (Italian law), User have the right to obtain information about the existence, or not, of personal data, to have it in clear form, to know the origin of data, to obtain the deletion, the transformation in a anonymous form or to block the treatment when there is a violation of law, also the updating, the correction or, if User want, the integration of data; User have the right to oppose the treatment.

Any request about personal data, the treatment or the deletions of it, must be sent from User by e-mail at the email address



About cookies
DIVEL ITALIA’s sites use cookies. How Privacy Guarantor indicate in the FAQ of December 2002, on, cookies are “little text files” – formed with letters and numbers – “that sites, that are visited by User, send to User device (usually at browser), where data are memorized for be retransmitted at the same sites the next time that the same User visit they”. Cookies have the function to improve analysis of web traffic or indicate when a specific site, or a part of it, are visited, to distinguish between them visitors to provide personalized content, and to help administrators to improve the sites and the experience of User.
With cookies it’s not possible to have other information memorized on your device, even though this is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies are not able to download any kind of code, don’t carry virus or malware and they are not harmful for the User’s device.

User agreement
First time that User visit any page of our sites, he will see a short information about use of cookies. When you close this information or click “Accetto”, User agree to our use of cookies, in agreement with the terms of this Cookie Policy.
The site remember the choice of the User, then the short information not will be show in next visits from the same device.
However, User have ever the possibility to revoke all or a part of the agreement, recalling the same information from appropriate link always visible.
If there be technical problem with the agreement, please contact us with proper methods of this website to allow us to help you.

Types of cookies used
The use of cookies by the administrator of this website, DIVEL ITALIA S.p.A. Unipersonale, registered office in Calderara di Reno (BO) in via Verde 5/A, is in according to the his Privacy Policy; for all information required by the Art.13 of “Codice della Privacy” (Privacy Law) click here.
To allow the use of the sites and our services, we use the so-called “persistent cookies” (cookies that remain in memory until they are manually deleted by the user or for which there is a removal scheduled long-term) and “session cookies”, which are not permanently stored on the User’s computer and disappear when closing the browser.
We use cookies of different types – with specific functions – that can be classified as follows:

Statistic Cookies (of others)
Sites property of DIVEL ITALIA use Google Analytics, a service of analysis of web traffic property of Google, Inc., that use cookie for collect and analyze information about browsing of Users. Neither DIVEL ITALIA and Google not associate your IP address with other data stored by them to identify you directly.
Collect information are elaborate by Google Analytic systems to made report for the administrator of sites of DIVEL ITALIA, they use it for verify the correct functioning of services and the rate index of the content offered.
If you want to disable Statistic Cookies so as to impede Google Analytics to collect data about your navigation, you can download an app for disable Google Analytic that you can find here:

How to configure your device
If you don’t agree with the use of cookies, you must configure the browser to disable the receipt of cookies or not use this site. By disabling cookies, however, the site or some features may not work correctly.
To modify the mode of use of cookies, to block the reception or to delete cookies on your device, you must log in settings of your browser.
The most Internet browsers provide the possibility to accept or deny all cookies or accept only some (for example from specific sites).
The mode to setting it’s different between various browser. For details on the procedure, the user can visit or see “Help” of your browser.

For more information about cookies and for setting your preferences about cookies of others, we invite you to visit


The sites owned by DIVEL ITALIA can use plugins related to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ or portals such as YouTube.
The plugin will be used to allow you to share links on social networks, to authorize the “Like” by the user’s page only for pages by DIVEL ITALIA. All these interactions are reported by certain “buttons” accompanied by iconography related to social networks or portals that will be used and when clicked will signal the interaction occurred.
For more information about use and storage of personal data by social networks or portals we invite you to contact directly the society that manage their social network o portals.


The sites and their contents (trade marks, images, text) are property of DIVEL ITALIA or there is a permission for the use.
It’s forbidden the use or the reproduction, even partial, of the contents except for informational purpose without the express permission of DIVEL ITALIA.


If you accept to download from sites property of DIVEL ITALIA, we are not responsable for damage occured by the download process neither from the use of files.


Images or videos on the websites property of DIVEL ITALY have illustrative purposes only and may be owned or acquired under license, free or paid by images banks or video banks.
Published information can be related to products or services whose disclosure has not been announced or whose marketing isn’t provided in all countries.

The contents of the websites property of DIVEL ITALIA were compiled with the maximum care and are examined periodically. However we don’t guarantee the absolute correctness, accuracy, completeness or uninterrupted accessibility.
DIVEL ITALIA is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, including lost profits resulting from the use of sites owned or correlation to information published and available on them.
The jurisdiction for any dispute is the court of Bologna.

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